Welcome to MyndBodyGym™

What Is MyndBodyGym™?

Your brain controls every cell in your body right down to the chemical releases so why not put it to work FOR you instead of against you?

MBG™ is the missing bridge between the physical and mental training used by most Elite athletes, Professional Sports, and Olympic Programs to gain the competitive edge in their sport.

Training the body without MBG™ is like building a race car but not having a professional driver at the wheel, you can get around the track but not nearly as fast or as efficiently as you could.

Sports Enhancement, Goal Achievement, Stress Reduction, Weight Loss, and Relaxation Training, are just some of the endless possibilities for using MBG on a daily basis to improve your life! It’s an easy, safe, and enjoyable way to better your performance in every aspect of your life. It only takes the same time as an average group class like Pilates or Yoga and can be offered anywhere there is a place to gather comfortably.

No special equipment is needed although a yoga mat or towel is recommended since you will be lying on the floor during the session. All levels and skills from beginner to professional can attend the same class and get what they need out of the session.